EkoLink Service

Verified Education-Skill Credentials and Recruiting Network on Blockchain

EKO Blockchain App Service

Fast Development and Deployment of Data Driven Blockchain Applications

EKO Mobile

Blockchain integration with mobile phones and IOT devices

EKO Social

Blockchain Integration With Social Networks and Identity Service

Our Core

What is EkoLink Service?

EkoLink is a blockchain based system that provides verified education, skill, and work experience information. Taking advantage of blockchain technology’s immutability and time stamp functionality, EkoLink provides users with trusted information regarding a job candidate’s education, skill, and work experience.

EkoLink provides savings to recruiters in time and financial resources. The EkoLink system can also be used for additional industries, such as banking, finance, general notary service. EkoLink is building high-trust economy through innovations in blockchain technology.

EkoLink Service User Instructions

Time Stamped

Degree, skill level, and work experience are stored in EchoLink with a time stamp. Information may be modified as situations change. Each version is also time stamped, thus establishing a chain of evidence.


Information is entered into EchoLink by educational, training, and other institutions directly, thus ensure such information is not tampered by third parties. Data can be amended and updated


EchoLink provides a world-wide standardized system to store and verify education, skill, and work experience through blockchain technology. EchoLink supports a variety of blockchain technology and storage layers.


Built on top of blockchain technology, information contained in EchoLink is directly injected by authoritative institutions. This ensures the authenticity of such information.

Decentralized Blockchain Application Platform and Services

What is EKO Blockchain Platform?

EKO Blockchain Platform is a public blockchain service built on top of Proof of Professional Stake consensus protocol (PoPS). PoPS is designed for enterprise grade blockchain applications. The EKO Blockchain Platform is fully compatible with EVM based Solidity smart contracts.

The EKO Blockchain Platform provides businesses and developers a fast and efficient way to develop and deploy blockchain applications. Taking the lessons learned from building the EchoLink service, we distill all the necessary components of making successful blockchain applications and offer these components as services.

With EKO Blockchain Platform, developers may take advantage of all the benefits brought by blockchain while not being entangled by the low level issues associated with blockchain technology.

EKO Blockchain Platform Overview

EKO Blockchain Application Service

Fast deployment of Data Driven Blockchain Applications. Develop and deploy blockchain applications without the hassle of dealing with low level blockchain issues. Focus on the benefits that blockchain technology brings to applications and users. EKO BAS is the AWS of blockchain applications.

EKO Mobile & IOT Service

Blockchain integration with mobile and IOT devices. Mobile device is the dominant computing platform in the world. Yet current blockchain applications are virtually inaccessible to mobile devices. EKO Mobile aims to bridge the gap between mobile devices and blockchain by allowing developers to deploy data driven blockchain applications tailored to mobile devices efficiently.

EKO Social Network & Identity Service

Social networks meet blockchain applications. EKO Social offers an option to developers to attach social identity to distributed applications. EKO Social offers one more option to developers to develop innovative distributed blockchain applications for real world situations.

EKO Blockchain Application Toolbox

EKO Blockchain Application Toolbox offers businesses and developers a full set of tools to develop and deploy data driven blockchain applications. The EKO BAT enables businesses and developers to make deep web data accessible on blockchain and doing so in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Blockchain Core Application and Open Platform

Project Roadmap

EchoLink – Rinkeby test version 1.0

Ethereum Rinkeby network,Chrome browser,MetaMask extension

EchoLink – Rinkeby test version 2.0 – Feb./March, 2018

Features for students/individual users, university/training organization, and hiring company/recruiter incorporated.

EchoLink – Rinkeby General Availability version 1.0 – Q3/Q4, 2018

All major features incorporated. Early access partnership organization trials. There will be minor release versions of Rinkeby GA 1.0 releases as necessary.

EchoLink – General Availability version 1.0 – Q1/Q2, 2019

All major features incorporated. Open to individual users, university/training organizations, and company/recruiter.

Building Worldwide Blockchain Ecosystem

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