EchoLink GitHub Repositories Updated

EchoLink implemented a new code update policy in response to community requests. EchoLink GitHub repositories are updated. Before the new policy, the EchoLink Team released code on a versioned basis. Each version of the services is tested, versioned, and then released on GitHub. This process, while in line with the time honored tradition of enterprise software development and release cycle, does not show the full activity of the development work that’s constantly being done.  Responding to requests from the community, we have adopted a more agile method of code release. Updates will be more frequent. Pull-requests and participation from the developer community are welcome. EchoLink GitHub

EKO Blockchain Platform Internal Test

EKO Blockchain Platform is a public blockchain service built on top of Proof of Professional Stake consensus protocol (PoPS). PoPS is designed for enterprise grade blockchain applications. The EKO Blockchain Platform is fully compatible with EVM based Solidity smart contracts.

An internal test version of the EKO Blockchain Platform has been successfully deployed and running smoothly. Documentation will be released shortly to guide both enterprise users and individual users on taking full advantage of this innovative public blockchain service.

The EKO Blockchain Platform provides businesses and developers a fast and efficient way to develop and deploy blockchain applications. Taking the lessons learned from building the EchoLink service, we distill all the necessary components of making successful blockchain applications and offer these components as services.

– EchoLink Team

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