Getting Ready for EKO-PoPS Blockchain Application Platform

Great progress has been made with the development of the EKO-PoPS Blockchain Applications Platform. In the coming weeks, the team will launch public beta tests of the platform. The public beta test program involves: 1) a signing-up process to become block-building nodes 2) application for public test of distributed applications – approved applications will be able to issue application specific utility/access tokens.

Two major objectives of the EKO-PoPS Platform are:

1) to make the EKO-PoPS Blockchain Application Platform as compatible to the current main stream Dapp development and deployment standards as possible. This includes token issuing standards. The benefit of this strategy is that there will be an immediate supply of Dapp developers who are able to develop and deploy Dapps on EKO-PoPS Platform.

2) to provide a complete Dapp development ecosystem for enterprise level and scale Dapp development and deployment. It takes more than a smart contract on a blockchain to make a viable enterprise Dapp. All the necessary supporting infrastructure for enterprise Dapps will be provided to developers on the EKO-PoPS Platform.

Throughout the coming weeks, announcements for the public beta test program will be made. Stay tuned …..

– EchoLink Team

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