EchoLink Core Service Successfully Deployed on EKO-PoPS Blockchain Platform

A major mile stone was achieved this week, the team has deployed the EchoLink Core Service on our EKO-PoPS Blockchain Platform. This would enable the service to run much more efficiently. This achievement also demonstrates the full potential of both the EchoLink Core Service and the EKO-PoPS Blockchain Platform.

For the EchoLink Core Service: Dependencies on third-party integration, such as MetaMask, was removed. The Interface was updated and payments of fees were streamlined. Thus creating an over-all better user experience.

For the EKO-PoPS Blockchain Platform: Being able to deploy a real work blockchain application validates the platform. Tests are underway, and eventually other public blockchain applications can apply to be deployed on the EKO-PoPS Blockchain Platform. We aim to combine both the open nature of the blockchain ecosystem and the quality, performance, and efficiency of enterprise oriented blockchain applications.

– EchoLink Team

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