Sign up for EchoLink Core Service – public test

Our team is excited to announce that the EchoLink Core Service – public test is ready for public access. The EchoLink Core Service is for the general public and organizations to verify, use, and update educational credentials, work history, skill training, and related information. General users and organizations will find the streamlined process a great improvement over existing systems.

The EchoLink Core Service is the application layer on top of our EKO-PoPS Blockchain Platform. While for this test, users directly interact with the EchoLink Core Service, indirectly, users can appreciate the efficiency and performance of the underlying EKO-PoPS Blockchain Platform. In the near future, we will invite other developers to build enterprise level applications on EKO-PoPS Blockchain Platform, and create a real-world blockchain based enterprise application ecosystem.

Please sign up for the test by clicking on the link below and submitting the required info:

Sign-UP Form


Business Version – GitHub

Single User Version – GitHub

Business version:

– EchoLink Team

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