Frequently Asked Questions

Where are user instructions and developer documentation for EkoLink Service and EKO Blockchain Platform?

You can find detailed user instructions for EkoLink service and EKO Blockchain Platform here:  EkoLink User Instructions and EKO Blockchain Platform Documentation

What is EkoLink Service?

EkoLink is an open, decentralized, blockchain based application that provides verified education, skill, and work experience information. EkoLink is a generalized document notary service. In addition to education and work related information, EkoLink intends to provide verified information for additional industries, such as banking and finance, in the future.

What are the advantages of EkoLink compared to existing recruiting and professional networking applications?

Current applications do not provide users verified information regarding education, skill certification, and work history. Users have to spend time and resources to conduct background checks. Based on blockchain technology,EkoLink provides immutable information with time stamps entered by authoritative institutions. EkoLink saves users valuable time and financial resources spent on background checks and other verification processes.

How does EchoLink assure the authoritativeness of its information?

Unlike other recruiting application, EkoLink assures the accuracy of its information at its source. Information is entered into EkoLink by university, training organizations, and reputable companies directly, not touched by third parties. Once entered into EkoLink, individuals can not change their degree information, work experience, or skill level certification randomly.

Besides education and work related information, does EkoLink provide other certification?

EkoLink is built on blockchain technology with a general purpose. EkoLink tackles the education and recruiting sector as its initial use case. The EkoLink system can be used for a variety of application and industries, such as notary service, finance, banking, and insurance, etc.

What is EKO Blockchain Platform?

EKO Blockchain Platform provides businesses and developers a fast and efficient way to develop and deploy blockchain applications. Taking the lessons learned from building the EchoLink service, we distill all the necessary components of making successful blockchain applications and offer these components as services.

What are the benefits of using EKO Blockchain Platform?

Blockchain application developers need to focus on innovative business use cases and the benefits blockchain brings to end users. Currently, in order to develop a blockchain application, application developers need to directly interface with the low-level blockchain interfaces. The EKO Blockchain Platform frees blockchain application developers from the low-level chores of interacting with the underlying blockchain technical details, and brings the benefits of blockchain to application developers. Think of the EKO Blockchain Platform as the AWS of blockchain application. AS AWS frees application developers from the IT infrastructure tasks, the EKO Blockchain Platform frees blockchain application developers from low-level blockchain tasks. Fast development and deployment of blockchain applications means wider adoption of blockchain technology.